Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This Lent....

This lent let it be..
Not just about abstaining from certain food,
But also about receiving Heavenly Food more frequently and meaningfully;
Not just about avoiding Facebook,
But also about reading His Book – the Holy Bible;
Not just about spending less,
But also about giving more;
Not just about not being in high spirits,
But also about being renewed in the Holy Spirit;
Not just about stopping gossips about others’ sins,
But also about making heartfelt Confessions of yours;
Not just about avoiding people,
But also about loving one another;
Not just about not fighting with family members,
         But also about coming together in prayer;
Not just about being alone,
But also about spending time with the Lord;

This lent, let it not be about being sad and gloomy, but about experiencing the joy of coming closer to God, the joy of salvation, the joy of partaking in His suffering, death and glorious resurrection!!