Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heart's Desire

It’s been long since I blogged. The last one and a half month was very eventful - my last days in college, the sorrow of leaving my friends and the campus, the excitement of joining my first job soon and the joy of spending some memorable days with family, which included celebrating my 25th birthday with them. In this time span I travelled from Chennai to Coimbatore to Ladakh to Delhi to Coimbatore to Mumbai to Hyderabad. Phew!!! And throughout the journey and the last month and half I had an amazing feeling, a well known realisation following me each day, an assurance which said – I am not alone!!

One of my friend’s favourite bible verse is Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  This verse became so real for me in the last couple of months. The Lord took care of everything, from my slightest desires to my greatest prayers. No matter how stupid or trivial it was, the Lord made sure that it was fulfilled. I have a long list, let me share a few.

Ever since I can remember, my wish was to see snow. Being in India I never thought I would ever get to see snow. In the first week of April I along with 9 other friends of mine went to Ladakh for a weeklong trip. I knew the place was cold and all, but in the month of April I didn’t expect to see snow. But even before I could reach the place, Lord granted this wish of mine. On the flight from Delhi to Leh I saw snow! Our plane flew right above the snow capped Himalayas. This was the first time I was seeing snow ever in my life!! I went crazy at the sight of pure white snow glistening in the bright sunlight. I couldn’t thank God enough.

But as is with any other human, I too was not satisfied with what I got. So, now the next wish was that I wanted to touch, feel and play with the snow. And guess what? God granted me that wish as well and that too the very next day! We went on a tour around Leh and we came across a stream that was frozen. I couldn’t control myself from running and touching the snow and then in no time we started making snow balls and throwing at each other. I was so so so so excited and happy. Praise God!

But then that was not all. Now I demanded more. I asked and desired to see snow fall. And, you guessed it right, the Lord granted this wish of mine as well!! Two days later while travelling along the highest motorable road in the world it started snowing!!!! I have had enough!! This time the excitement was beyond my control so much so that even temperatures of – 10°C didn’t stop me from going out and experiencing the fragile, beautiful snowflakes falling on me!! I was amazed at how God would answer all my wishes and fulfil my heart’s desire. Praise God!

This was not the end. I reached back home with lot of plans to spend a lot of time with my family after staying nearly 8 yrs away from them. But I was in for a big shock. Two days after I reach home I get a call from my employer asking me to join in 5 days time. I was shattered, felt really very sad. I so desperately wanted to spend some time at home, but was helpless. Can’t explain how bad I felt. I had no other option but to accept the fact and start packing. But I always used to pray, asking some more time with my family. I was supposed to leave on a Sunday. The Saturday before that, I went for Mass with my mom and nephew in the evening. During the adoration I just offered everything to Jesus including my desire to stay at home longer. Well, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when soon after the adoration, I got a call informing me that my joining date has been postponed by one week! So I was able to stay one more week at home and had a great time with my family. J Praise God!!

On 3rd May I was supposed to join Mumbai office. I booked my flight to reach there by 2nd night. They had booked an accommodation for me in a guest house. I had another desire, deep in my heart, that I may be able to go for Mass on the day of joining. But I didn’t know anything about the place where I was supposed to stay and would in no way have found a Church nearby, found the Mass timing and made it for it in the morning. And the Lord worked here as well through an absolutely unpredictable way. My flight to Mumbai got delayed a lot and I reached there around midnight. I decided to stay at one of my friend’s place as it would be too late to go to the guest house.  And guess what, there was a Church very close to his house and not only do I get to attend Mass in the morning of my first day at my first job, I also get to sit before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for some time. He always gives more than what we ask for. Praise God!!

I know the list is growing pretty long, but I can’t stop without mentioning this last incident. Since I’m posted in Hyderabad I reached here on 9th May evening (Sunday). My organization provided me accommodation for 5 days within which I had to find a place to stay. Yesterday was the third day and when I got up, I had just one prayer – ‘Lord, please help me find a place to stay by the end of the day.’ I knew I was asking for too much, but I was desperate. I have been trying to find a house for the last 3 days in vain, so the chance of finding it in a day was very bleak. But suddenly in the morning, Lord reminded me of one of my old classmates who is working here. By afternoon I contact him, by evening he comes to meet me and by night I get a place to stay!!!! Woah!! Praise God!!!

Ask and you shall receive. That’s the promise He gave us and He keeps it well. Through all these experiences, I’m not asking you to keep going to Him with a long list of demands as if he was a shopkeeper. All I want to show and say is that build a relation with Him in which you can ask Him anything, tell him anything without any hesitations. Whom do we approach in times of need? Do we go to a total stranger and ask him to help us? No. We go to someone whom we know, who we are sure will help us, who we have a strong relation with.  That’s what it’s all about. Getting to know Him closer and letting Him work in your life. Build a relationship with Jesus and tell Him everything you need, even the smallest, minutest, silliest desires you have. He surely would love to hear from you. No wonder Jesus said, “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” (John16:24)

In these last few months I have travelled thousands of miles, met and parted with many close ones, went from one stage of my life to another and through all these times there was this one person who was always with me – My Lord and My God. He made sure that the smallest of my heart’s desires didn’t go unanswered. Even before I could ask, He fulfilled my wishes in ways which just left me stunned and amazed at how much He loves me, how much He cares for me that even the wishes that don’t matter much to me, matters so much to Him.

Let Him know your heart’s desire and He will soon become your heart’s desire.

God Bless!!