Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Holy Spirit is My Helper

Though I received the Holy Spirit for the first time during my baptism, my relationship with Him became stronger after I attended a retreat during my college days. Before that I used to run away from Church and prayers, but after that I started a new journey. And I had a wonderful companion with me all through. He was no one else but the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit made me understand God's love and made me love Him. He kindled in me a desire to go for daily Mass and cherish each one of them. He made me understand what was written in the Bible. He guided me whenever I was in a confusion. He filled me with peace and joy which was beyond my understanding! He was the true Helper I always wanted, a true and faithful companion. And during this time I came across a song which helped me understand the power of the Holy Spirit and helped me come closer to Him. The song's titled 'The Holy Spirit is my Helper.' And now after a long time I thought its time for me to do something for my best friend. So I made a video of the song and uploaded it on YouTube. :-) Here it is. Enjoy and dont forget to make Him your friend too. God Bles!


The Holy Spirit is my helper
Now and forever
The one who is always by my side.

He strengthens me when I'm weak and worn
Takes away from me desires of this world
He teaches me to love and forgive
Shows me how to pray and fills me with the word
The mysteries of God He makes known to me
The truth now I'm able to see
Wisdom and counsel He gives to me
And fills me with power from above

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  1. beautiful song..... i heard this song quite a long time ago and had it on an audio tape....but later just forgot abt it...thanks for reminding me abt this song once again and nice work on the video. God Bless