Sunday, August 29, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

I moved to Hyderabad in May and the past few months have been pretty happening. New job, new friends , new places.....Have started earning for the first time in my life, moved into a new house with two of my friends, have begun trying my hands in cooking etc etc etc. So many things, so fast!! And in midst of all this it took me a while to realise that I was slowly turning into the same thankless guy I used to be. I became so engrossed with my own life that I forgot to thank one very important person – my Father in Heaven.

Well thats how I was. I never used to value what I had much. Till one day when a very small interaction with a stranger changed my whole perspective.

It was during my final year at engineering college. One evening I was returning from College to the Hostel which was about 2 Kms away. I was tired and had lots of extra baggage – record sheets, Mini drafter, bag etc etc. So I decided to take the bus.  After a long wait the bus came, but it was crowded. I decided to get in anyways. While struggling to find a place to stand, I unknowingly stamped the person sitting there twice or thrice. The guy got very irritated and shouted at me, but after some time made some space for me to sit. He sensed that I was an engineering student and as soon as I sat he said, “You people are big shots. You can do anything you want. Even stamp at people like us.” I sheepishly said sorry, but he went on to say that he also aspired to be an engineer, but because of financial constraints was not able to pursue his studies. He ended up working as a bus cleaner. Before I could say much, my stop came and I had to get down. That evening standing in front of my hostel gate, for the first time in four years, I thanked God for giving me an opportunity to study in a good college, for being where many others couldn’t, for giving me so many things I always took for granted. Those five minutes in the bus taught me a lesson for a lifetime. Be thankful always. (1Thes5:18)

And lately God has been reminding me about this lesson once again. So, after many days of running around, I finally sat down in my room, spent some time alone thanking God for everything He has been giving me recently. Thanked Him for my job, my first salary, the place I’m posted at, my friends, my new house, my colleagues......... It went on for some time and at the end of it I felt so good, so happy, so content, so blessed, so thankful for everything!

In Psalm 50, titled ‘True Worship’, The Lord says, “I do not need bulls from your farms or goat from your flocks. Let thanksgiving be your sacrifice to God.”

So, did you thank Him today?


  1. Hey Thejas.... I don't know how you do it,but whatever you post,no matter how short or long it is,always seems very appropriate for me at the time....keep the faith and keep posting...

  2. why to be so formal.
    (no reply no discussion required)