Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh No, Another Blog!!!!

‘Oh No, Another Blog!!!!’ That was exactly how I reacted when I saw so many of my friends starting their own blogs. And, so I guess was your reaction too when you saw mine. Frankly speaking I never intended to start a blog. Even just a few days before I posted my first article, I was telling my friends how blogging was not my cup of tea, how blogging required a lot of time and commitment and how I couldn’t afford both, how addictive blogging can become etc etc etc. But one fine day (midnight actually), it just happened. I started this blog!! Well, this time I want to share with you how it happened and what happened once it happened.

It was during my second year in the Engineering college when I came to experience God in a way in which I have never experienced Him before. I experienced the Love, Forgiveness and Presence of the Living God. And since then He has been leading me interestingly. From an absolutely useless boy He has made me what I am, and helped me develop whatever little talents I have. And one thing He always told me was to start writing, start writing for Him. But being the lazy guy I am, I kept on procrastinating it for days, weeks, months and years. Over the past couple of years God spoke every clearly through others that I should start writing for Him. But every time it fell on deaf, disobedient ears. Till last month.

Two months ago, in one of the weekly prayer meetings I attend, while praying, Lord showed me a hand writing something with a pen- a vision which once again asked me to start writing. Till now I thought of writing some random articles, but now I knew about a better medium- Blog. Even then I kept on refusing and making excuses for not writing. I told Him, ‘Lord I don’t know what to write about.’ He replied, ‘Don’t worry. I am there.’ But still I didn’t do anything.

Finally, 30th October (Friday) night it actually happened. For the past few days Lord has been speaking to me about a particular topic through many different people, many different occasions and so I slowly started developing the topic. Slowly means really very slowly. For the first two days I had just typed the heading on a word doc!!! But that night I don’t know what happened to me. It was almost midnight when I got this strong urge to start a blog and I almost unknowingly did that,  it was as if somebody else was in control, as if God was making my hands type!!! Within an hour the blog was up and I posted an article I had written sometime back- ‘Oh!!! Daddy...’ Since then amazing things have been happening.

Next day's morning Mass was unforgettable!! Friday night I thought something about the next article before sleeping. And on Saturday in the Mass the priest said the very same thing - twice!! When I heard this I started praising God and couldn’t stop. Soon I could feel the presence of Almighty God so strongly that I could hardly stand. I was almost shivering. It was as if I was in the middle of a hurricane and something as powerful as that was all around me. I could understand how Moses used to describe God in the Old Testament- a God full of power and might!! It was just an out of the world experience. Something I have never felt before, not even in a retreat. All this in the very same church I go every day. Everything around me was the usual same, but there was a rush of things happening within me. After Mass I sat down to pray for some time. I was just praising and crying for most of the time. And during that time He gave me so many topics to write about. It was  as if God was standing there right next to me and dictating. And I thought I wouldn’t have topics
to write about!! Praise God!!

All this coz I just obeyed God and His dreams for me. As the Word of God says, “Whoever looks closely into the perfect law.. and does not simply listen and then forget it, but puts it into practice- that person will be blessed by God in what he does.” (James1:25) Three simple steps:
1.                                       1.  Listen to God’s word
2.                                       2. Obey and put it into practice
3.                                       3. Receive God's blessings.

It has been very true in my life. The moment I decided to obey what God was telling me for years, the blessings just flowed as if floodgates have been opened. He has taken care of everything-my studies, my relationship with friends, my ministry work, my family, filled me with joy and peace that is beyond even my understanding, He blessed me with a wonderful job. But more importantly and above all, since I started the blog, God has suddenly become so tangible, so near, so real that I can feel His presence, hear His voice, see His plans and experience His Amazing Love!! Not because I deserve it, but because of His Love.

Is God asking you to do something? Go ahead and do it. And be ready to receive showers of blessings.


  1. very nice, thejas! dont stop writing!
    god bless

  2. I always look forward to reading your blog.... it's very refreshing... you are blessed with a lovely style of writing ....keep up the blogging and keep us coming back for more!!!

  3. Tejas bhai... I now understand how u make ur blog interesting... It was not u but God behind this thing the whole time....

  4. amazing:)u write really well!praise god for the wonderful talent he has bestowed upon you!

  5. Really amazing. inspired me a lot ...Keep on writing.