Monday, November 5, 2012

My Chains are Gone

A classroom with amphitheatre style seating arrangement, almost 100 final year B School students, a team of five who just finished their presentation, a very renowned and well loved Professor and one of the students singing a song to all of them. Well, this was the scene during one of our lectures a few years back when I was doing my final year MBA. And the guy singing the song was me!!!

During MBA, power point presentations had become a part of life – you make, talk, copy, discuss, eat, sleep, walk, dream PPTs! And this was supposed to be one of them. A regular group presentation on some random topic given by our professor. I don’t even remember what the topic was and what we presented. But I surely do remember how it ended. Soon after the presentation, the professor asked me a few questions and then to my surprise asked me to sing! I had no idea what was happening, but I guess he thought that I was someone who was living a very sad life and needed to smile. I was like that some years ago, but definitely not at that point of time. A lot of things had changed since I found God. Now, after hearing his rather unexpected request, I sang the first song that came into my mind - “Amazing Grace – My chains are gone”. Irrespective of how good the song is, the outcome of my singing was as expected - pathetic. I guess, the professor would have realized that he should have never asked me to sing in the first place. Till date, that's one of the weirdest moments in my life.

Well, about the song, I actually heard it for the first time during my college days and it soon became one of my favourites. It still is. Its words were an inspiration for the earlier name of my blog – Unfailing Love Abounding Grace.  And earlier this year, I was inspired to make a video for the song. Thought of sharing the same with you all (

The video starts with a scene from the Gospel regarding the adulteress woman whom Jesus forgave (read here), followed by the song with scenes from the Passion of Christ and ends with what I find, one of the most powerful verses from the Bible – one which assures of God’s inseparable love for us, words which changed my life and how I look at it.

God Bless!

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