Friday, January 26, 2018

Do It With Love

Today morning was just another usual morning. However, the Lord was planning to teach me something profound through a simple incident.

As usual, around 6:30AM I reached the church to attend the Holy Mass. Today, I had my mom accompanying me. After I parked my vehicle in the campus (which includes a school), as usual I started walking towards the church. In my mechanical routine, I saw-yet-did-not-see, a small kid in the school uniform standing alone. It was a cold morning and it was still dark. My mom, however, did take notice and asked me to speak to him. I interrupted my routine task and went to the kid who was just a few steps away. He seemed to have reached school early (very early) for the Republic Day celebration. He was feeling cold, alone and may be afraid. We asked him to come inside to the Church reception and to sit there till his friends came in. He was visibly happy
, relieved and comfortable.

And that’s when the realization set in. I was so taken over by the routine that I overlooked someone in need. I didn’t let myself be interrupted by compassion. Thankfully, my mom did!

I was immediately drawn to the verse – "Let all that you do, be done in love.” – 1Corinthians 16:14.

And that’s the key! It doesn’t matter how small or big, how frequent or rare, how meaningful or mundane, we are asked to do it with love. Be it driving to work or doing the dishes or preparing a meal or completing your tasks at work or having a conversation with the most powerful to the most powerless  or helping out someone or spending time with near and dear ones or put-up with that irritating person or going through a particularly bad day – do it with love! Sounds easier said than done. But that’s what we are called to do.

As Mother Teresa says, “We can do no great things, but only small things with great love.” 

Let’s start today!

God Bless!

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